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Bookkeeping Install and Training: Set up Data Files, Chart of Accounts, Bank Feeds, Payroll, transfer of data GST registration and other registrations as needed Bookkeeping Services: Off-site or on-site XERO advisor certified, XERO payroll certified Regular bookkeeping Rescue bookkeeping Payroll Service: Employee file maintenance Wage processing & reconciliation STP set up & lodgement Superannuation Work-cover BAS & IAS Services: Reconciliation Lodgement, monthly, quarterly, annually Error checking Sales KPI's: Sales across multiple periods Major costs os a % of sales Staff wages as a % of sales Performance reports Gross and net profit analysis Financial KPI's: Debt Ratio, and the impact of your business Directors drawings and its impact on the cashflow, loan tracking Budgeting Accounts receivable and payable, collection and payable days Breakeven analysis ​Other Services: Organisation systems: how records are kept, stored, ease of recall How to achieve a paperless office Loan tracking Margin measurement Budgeting Personal drawings, it's impact, and how to budget and control in terms of the business Liaise with Tax Accountant Owner's best ability EOFY work Our Role: We understand the challenges faced by business owners, long hours, challenging cashflow, low margins, stress and compliance. We have repeatedly found that initially our task has been to bring compliance issues up to date and after that period when there is trust, and a proven track record, introduce business systems to streamline process' and begin to work on the business. A good example is as simple as providing the owner with a folder with dividers for each Bank Account with attached reconciliations and showing them how the simplest system will make finding their statements so much easier. Many owners file statements in manilla folders. We are convinced that the reason these types of patterns exist, is nobody has shown a better way, then habit kicks in, and the system is set in quicksand. When requesting files, it is normal to sit around for 20-30 minutes while the client tries to locate the files. Yet all claim their systems are wonderful.

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